Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Technorati's Candid Tip for Bloggers

Every once in awhile I come across a subtle reminder of how base our world has become. Today's reminder came from Technorati's candid "Tip" that reveals what they have to deal with in administering accounts for thousands of Technorati account owners. While I was updating my account profile on Technorati today, I realized that I hadn't uploaded a picture. I went to the page that allows me to upload my picture, and I was surprised at the wording used by Technorati to attempt to dissuade the perverted segment of their audience from posting pornographic images as part of their account profile. Here's what they suggest.
Tip: Please do us a favor and upload a photo that does not show your very special but also very private parts. When you do that, we have to take time away from making our website faster and better to go find your profile and hide it, and that's bad for you and us. Thanks for helping!
The wording used in this helpful tip makes it sound as if they're speaking to a two-year-old child who's not mature enough to realize what's appropriate for public exposure and what's not. The irony about the concept of having to use kid talk to get through to the pornography crowd is that they are the ones who so often use the term "mature" when referring to their perversion. The term attempts to portray the idea that a person who indulges in pornography has arrived at an advanced mental state, when exactly the opposite is true.

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