Sunday, April 18, 2010

Obama's and Biden's Tax Returns Say It All

It would be more than interesting to peel back the curtains to really see what motivates those who lead us. Tax day earlier this week gave us that opportunity with two of the most powerful people in our nation, Barach Obama and Joe Biden. From the information contained on their tax returns, it's easy to see where their hearts and commitments are. Both of those men are technically Christian, but apparently only in word.

True Christians who adhere to the Bible pay a tithe, 10% of their income to God, usually through their church. Obama's tax returns show that he paid less than 6% of his income to any kind of charity. Biden's tax returns show that he paid less than half a percent of his earnings for charity (a measly $4,820 of a $330,000 salary). What do these numbers say about these men? To me it shouts that they are hypocrites. They are bent on making US citizens pay more towards "charity" in their names, but they are not willing to open their own pocketbooks even to the level expected of an average Christian.

Some Context for What You Read Here

Whenever someone shares opinions, especially about important topics for which there are deeply contrasting views in society, it's important to know the foundation of that person's perspectives. For that reason, I have provided a category on this blog called Premises. Listed under Premises are some explanations of my background, including my religion, which forms the foundation of my moral and political principles.