Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama, Vick, and a New Low for the United States of America

I noticed an article today on Yahoo's home page that caught my attention: "Obama calls Eagles about Michael Vick."

Obama? Barack Obama? The knucklehead who's supposed to be running the country?

I clicked through to read the article. It turns out that indeed it was "President Obama" making sure to give a shout out to those responsible for giving Michael Vick a second chance.

The newest headline reminded me of one I saw just a few days ago: "Obama Calls UConn Coach After Record-Setting Win."

Now, don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against people who watch sports, especially during the holiday season. This is what I do have a major problem with: Obama's stint in his White House crib is becoming a rapper chillin' with his homies, all the while patting himself on the back for gutting our society of honor and virtue

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama on the American Flag?

Apparently Barack Hussein Obama is still the Messiah for some people. A story I read recently on Fox News discussed the display by the Lake County, Florida Democratic Party of an offensive version of the American flag. What's worse than the fact that someone has the irreverence and disregard for our country's flag to create something like this is the idea that someone would actually publicly display it.

Well, if the Democrats or anyone else wants to display a fla
g with Barack Obama's picture on it, I've come up with a couple of editions they can use that will allow them to reverence their fearless leader without insulting those who have and are still fighting for freedom and conscience in the United States.

Here you go guys:

This flag can be used for those who'd like to celebrate Obama's contributions and concessions to Iran.

This version is for those who want to celebrate the endearing friendship of Obama with Hugo Chavez.

Other versions will be made available by request.

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