Monday, October 5, 2009

David Letterman Shows (Again) What's Wrong With Contemporary Society

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that only a few months after David Letterman made the news for his perverted comments about Sarah Palin's daugher, he has a new announcement: I've been sleeping around with people who work for me. Is anyone surprised? I definitely wasn't. Obviously his audience, who enthusiastically applauded his announcement of the affairs, wasn't taken too off guard. The part of the story that still puzzles me (maybe it shouldn't at this point), is the framework of false emotions and misplaced priorities built up around his story.

David Letterman is a career sexual deviant. There have been times when I've attempted to watch his show. Every time I gave Mr. Letterman another chance, I was disappointed at his use of sexual perversion to sell comedy. Admitted, in this day and age, his brand of comedy is not unique. Just the opposite. Unless you're a pervert, you can't be a comedian in today's world. Brian Regan and Frank Caliendo are the only exceptions I know of.

So now we get to see all over news reports about how David Letterman is the victim of an extortion attempt, and that Letterman is advertising to the public his supposed sorrow for the environment he created for his staff and for his family. Let's look at some background on this to see what he's really trying to accomplish.

Per Letterman, he had sex with more than one woman who staffs or has staffed his show. It's clear that his obligation, whatever commitment he's made to his wife and family was conveniently set aside on repeated occasions as he found ways to indulge his immorality using his influence as a boss. Apparently, after none of these episodes did he rush home to apologize to his wife that she just wasn't cutting it for him. Instead, it's not until things blow up on him and public humiliation is imminent that he finally decides that what he's been doing is wrong. How many times have we seen this kind of behavior exhibited by public figures (John Edwards, Bill Clinton, to name just a couple)?

If I were a gambler, I'd be willing to bet a big chunk of money that David Letterman is steeped in pornography. Maybe his wife knows it, and like too many women in this world, she accepts it as simply a normal part of modern society. If David Letterman's wife truly is hurt by his new "surprise", how do you explain this: They have a five-year-old together, but they only got married in March? Huh. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'd be interested in having someone explain why it's unexpected that a fornicator would later become an serial adulterer.

The point that David Letterman helps me to make about the deterioration of our society is that somehow we're collectively becoming crazy. If we saw someone walking into a fire, we'd be likely to at least reason to ourselves that the person is going to get burned. Calling on our better selves, we'd probably do something to warn the person about the danger. How is it that we are so oblivious when it comes to the moral crisis our society is facing?

Mr. Letterman, you mentioned that it's your responsibility to fix the problem you caused because of your wanton infidelity. I have a recommendation for you. If there is any depth to your forced attempt at coming clean, which appears to anyone with a moral compass to be an insincere admission of guilt and responsibility, you can spend the rest of your days repairing the damage you've done to the concept of a family in America. For some reason, I doubt that's in your plans. Wouldn't it be a nice break from entertainment norm if you proved my doubts wrong?

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